Starbreeze has appointed Mats Juhl as its new interim CEO

May 15, 2024 by No Comments

According to a Corporate press release Today, Starbreeze’s board officially appointed Mats Juhl as the new interim CEO. They replace Jürgen Goldner, “who has been nominated as chairman of the board for the annual general meeting.”

Starbreeze, best known for its work on the Payday series, fired its CEO Tobias Sjögren in March 2024. Starbreeze chairman Torgney Hellström noted that “executing the strategy requires a different kind of leadership.”

The decision follows a rough start for the series. It took weeks for Starbreeze to finally introduce a critical patch for the critical issues players faced at launch.

In February 2024, Starbreeze released a report admitting that Payday 3 was underperforming. “Payday 3’s sales and player activity are currently far below what we would like,” a statement explained.

New interim CEO Mats Juhl has served as CFO at Starbreeze since 2020. Today’s press release adds that they have previously held senior positions at various locations.

As interim CEO, Juhl will only have the role “until a permanent replacement is provided.” At this time, Starbreeze has not confirmed exactly why Mats Juhl is taking on the new role.

Starbreeze is currently working on a new Dungeons & Dragons Live Service game, which is slated for release sometime in 2026.

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