Starfield: All Companions (Locations and Recruitment)

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Members of Starfield are characters that can be assigned variously roles help you in your travels. So far, there is More than twenty-five Known members you can recruit or hire for your team. Each escort also has their own skill set that helps you decide their role in the team. While characters proficient with laser weapons are perfect for fightingOthers are more suited to outpost and resource management.

A key takeaway

  • There are more than Twenty-five Happy friends at Starfield.
  • Companions are met by progressing the story or completing side quests in Starfield.
  • Many members of Starfield are Available for rent And you can pick them up from the bars in the big cities.
  • Although the payday lenders charge a huge amount of credit, You can use your persuasion skills to drop them to half price.

Friends to the main story

Vasco as a companion in Starfield. (photo by us)

Story friends join your team as you progress through Starfield’s Main quests. They can be recruited by interacting with the characters during certain missions.

Constellation members

The group of space explorers called the Constellation Plays an integral part in the main Starfield storyline. The group has diverse members with different people Backgrounds and skill sets. Without a doubt, the Constellation members have the best escort skills in Starfield.

Here is a list of all the recruitable escorts from Constellation and their team skills:

father # Name A Mian story quest is required skills
1 Vasco one small step – Protective systems (2/5).

– Aneutronic Fusion (1/5).

– EM Weapons (1/5).

2 Sarah Morgan The old neighborhood – Astrodynamics (4/5).

– Lasers (3/5).

– Leadership (2/5).

– Botany (1/5).

3 Sam Ko the empty nest – Pilot (4/5).

– Rifle certification (3/5).

– Chargers (2/5).

– Geology (1/5).

4 Bart Back to Vectera – Starship engineering (4/5).

– Particle beam weapon systems (3/5).

– Robotics (2/5).

– Gastronomy (1/5).

5 Andrea To the unknown – Stealth (4/5).

– Particle beams (3/5).

– Energetic weapon systems (2/5).

– Theft (1/5).

non-constellation members

Besides five Constellation members are available, others Interactable Characters in Starfield’s main storyline will join your team as you complete a certain mission. Some of these characters can be recruited even after completing their characters taskIn case you don’t recruit them right away.

father # Name Mian Sutri is a task required Place skills
1 Lynn Back to Vectera Broken Spears, Sidonia.

(if not recruited immediately)

– Ruins (1/5).

– Outpost management (3/5).

2 Heller Back to Vectera Homestead, Titan.

(if not recruited immediately)

– Geology (1/5).

– Outpost engineering (3/5).

3 Moira Otero The old neighborhood Broken Spears, Sidonia. – EM weapon systems (2/5).

– Shooting (2/5).

4 Rafael Aguero complex Viewport New Atlantis.

(If you figured out the secret, happy ending and save Rafael.)

– Outpost engineering (1/5). –

– Starship Engineering (2/5).

– Outpost management (1/5).

Friends for a side story in Starfield

Amelia Earhart in Starfield.
Amelia Earnhardt during Operation Starseed at Starfield. (grab screenshot: eXputer)

Besides the main story members, you can recruit characters in Starfield by completing faction missions For the American Vanguard, Crimson Fleet and Freestar Collective. six Of all the companions in Starfield they are side quest partners available as crew members after you complete their relevant side quest.

Faction mission members

Here is a complete list of all members of the Faction Mission at Starfield:

father # Name The mission of the faction Place skills
1 Adrian Sanon – Complete the UC faction quest line.

– speak to Dr. Percival Convince her to join for free.

TMD HQ, Mars. – Dispersion of energy weapons (1/5).

– Pain tolerance (2/5).

– Xeno-sociology (1/5).

2 Autumn Macmillan – Complete the Freestar Rangers Quest Quest. A bar area in the Red Mile. – Gun permit (2/5).

– Botany (1/5).

– Sharp shooting (1/5).

3 Matis Castillo – next to the Crimson Fleet in end of the Crimson Fleet search line.

– book to boss Matthias helped you during the prison mission.

The key space station. – Lifting weights (1/5).

– Ballistics (1/5).

– Incapacity (2/5).

partners for side trips

All ordered side quest Starfield companions are unlocked as a recruitable character after you complete a specific side mission or interaction. Three figures fall into this category.

Below is a detailed description of all the side quest partners in Starfield:

father # Name Sidi Quest Place skills
1 Amelia Earnhardt – Complete the side quest Operation Starseed On Crucible, Charybdis III. Crucible, Charybdis III. – Pilot (2/5).

– Rifle certification (2/5).

2 Betty Hauser Betty will join you if you give her some ship parts. Heinlein’s route I. – Ruins (2/5).

– Missile weapon systems (1/5).

3 Eric Von Price – Select the search line “The startup has stopped” in Sidonia.

– The quest will be given by the owner of Strore, Jane Weller, on the left side of the living area.

– Save Eric, and do not return the ship.

Residence, Sidonia. – Chargers (1/5)

– Astrodynamics (2/5).

Rentable characters

Mickey Caviar in Starfield.
Dialogue with Micky Cavir in Astral Long, Neon. (Image credit: eXputer)

Aside from story members who join your team for free after a certain point in the main story, there are characters you can to hire at Starfield to be part of your team. Most of the characters in this category can be hired for a payment (Starting from fifteen thousand up to eighteen thousand credits).

If you can find them in specific places (mostly bars), you can get them down to half price if you can convince.

father # Name payment Place skills
1 Marika Burros 18,000 credits. Viewport, New Atlantis. – Shotgun approval (1/5).

– Ballistics (2/5).

– Particle beam weapon systems (1/5).

2 Gideon is barren 16,500 credits. Viewport, New Atlantis. – Ballistic weapon systems (2/5).

– Missile weapon systems (2/5).

3 Shimon Bankovsky 15,000 credits. Viewport, New Atlantis. – Sharp shooting (1/5).

– Sniper certification (2/5).

– Marksmanhsip (1/5).

4 Andromeda Kepler 12,000 credits. Broken Spears, Sidonia. – Outpost engineering (2/5).

– Pilot (1/5).

– Aeronautical fusion (1/5).

5 Rosie Tannehill 15,000 credits. Hitching Post, Aquila City. – Medicine (1/5).

– Health (2/5).

6 Omri Hasan 15,000 credits. Hitching Post, Aquila City. – Protective systems (3/5).

– Starship engineering (1/5).

7 Ezekiel free Agis, the city of Aquila. – Collection (1/5).

– Energy weapon dispersal (2/5).

– Protective systems (1/5).

8 Lyle Brewer 15,000 credits. Agis, the city of Aquila. – Particle beams (1/5).

– Xeno-sociology (1/5).

– Shotgun approval (2/5).

9 Mickey Caviar 18,000 credits. Astrol Long, neon. – Gastronomy (1/5).

– Health (2/5).

– Incapacity (1/5).

10 Danny Gracia 13,500 credits. Euphorica, Neon. – Chemistry (1/5).

– Robotics (2/5).

– Energetic weapon systems (1/5).

11 Sophia Grace 15,000 credits. of Madame Savage, Neon. – Stealth (3/5).

– Lasers (1/5).

12 Jasmine Griffin 18,000 credits. Last nova, the key. – Theft (1/5).

– Ballistic weapon systems (2/5).

– Concealment (1/5).

The adoring fan

The adoring fan in Starfield.
The adoring fan in New Atlantis. (Image capture by eXputer)

Besides all the companions mentioned above, you can choose a character trait called “The hero worshiped” In the Creating a character menu to get the Adoring Fan Companion. If you choose this as your character trait, an NPC (non-playable character) character will appear in front of you in New Atlantis. You can recruit same to your team.

Their qualifications include:

  • cleaning (1/5),
  • hide (1/5)
  • Weight lifting (2/5).

Apart from the above twenty eight charactersa character called Robin Swiss still remains a mystery.

my lesson

While Starfield has many useful partners, My favorites are Sara, Sam, Andrea, Vasco. Not only did these friends meet through the progression of the plot, but they bring with them huge advantages, and frankly, these are the best characters to hang out with.

Aside from all the Starfield companions, there’s still a lot to explore about this game. For example, you can learn about picking locks in Starfield, the best ways to get Digipicks, and how to steal ships in Starfield. You can also read about the best controller settings and the persuasion system in Starfield.

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