State of Decay 3 was teased by Insider for the June Xbox Showcase

April 5, 2024 by No Comments

WindowsCentral’s Jez Corden teased that State of Decay 3 might appear at the June Xbox Showcase.

Taking to Twitter, Corden said, “I’m excited about Gears 6 for the June Xbox Showcase, but there’s another game I’m really excited to learn more about.” The tease here is ‘State’, which many fans believe refers to State of Decay 3.

The third installment of the zombie action-adventure survival was first revealed at the 2020 Xbox Showcase, but there has been no official update from Undead Labs or Xbox since then. In March 2022, Phil moved to Spencer The XboxEra Podcast To say, “Looking at State of Decay 3, I’m really excited about some of the advancements they’re going to make.”

“They had this model—they talked about it publicly from Decay 1 to 2 to 3 and what they wanted to do and we didn’t show much (State of Decay 3). It’s a game I really enjoy. I’m a big co-op player. Building is all about me. Like, like resourcing, I’m very excited about where that team is going to go,” he continued.

We haven’t seen much of State of Decay 3 other than a movie trailer, so hopefully the update Corden is referring to will finally show off some gameplay. A previous rumor suggested that the game could be released in 2027.

Just yesterday, several prominent journalists and even insiders started teasing that Gears 6 will appear at the Xbox Games Showcase. So, for now, at least, it looks like the Summer Games Fest rumors started before June… so, who knows what else will be rumored in the coming weeks?

Are you excited to finally get an update on the status of Decay 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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