Steam Next Fest June 2024: 10 games you need to watch

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The Steam Next Fest for June 2024 is live now through June 17th and brings thousands of games to try with new betas and demos. Along with demos, there are also special offers on games at discounted prices to check out what you’ve been waiting for a while.

From action-packed first-person shooters to an over-the-top bike messenger to a duck-themed survival game, there are plenty of options to choose from this time around. To help you get on board with some new games, we’ve put together a list of games you should check out between now and June 17th during Steam Next Fest.

10 Steam Next Fest Games You Need to Play in June 2024

I am your beast

From the developer of El Paso: Anywhere, I Am Your Beast is a first-person action game with comic book-style visuals. You play as a secret agent who is forced to go against the Covert Operations Initiative after turning down missions because you want to be retired.

I Am Your Beast features 20+ levels at launch with fully voiced narration. The game also lets you throw your pistol as a boomerang to take out enemies. That was enough to sell me right there.


STRIDEN is the first title from 5 Fortress, a sandbox looter-shooter with some innovative and quirky elements. With friends (or alone, if you’re brave), enter a terrifying world to loot, survive, build and ultimately escape, taking advantage of multi-generational weapons and shapeshifting abilities to dominate your enemies.

That’s right – you can turn into a radioactive bear as the timer counts down and a toxic mist closes in around you.


One of the crazier entries for this month’s Steam Next Fest is Duckside, a survival PvP/PvE title. The developers claim that the game is reminiscent of titles like Dazed and Rust, the only difference being that you are a duck, which sounds very exciting.

The game has you traipsing around a post-apocalyptic open world, wielding automatic and explosive weapons to take down your winged opponents, while building and crafting a base and tools to protect your precious loot.

Enotria: The Last Song

An upcoming Soulslike game inspired by Italian folklore. The game gives off a very creepy vibe while still being visually stunning. Enotria hopes to stand out with its masks mechanic, which allows players to assume the role of your enemies by donning their mask. Players will be able to quickly switch between loadouts and masks, each with their own advantages and weaknesses.

When it launches in the fall, the game will feature more than 100 different enemies with 40+ hours of story.

Parcel Corps

It’s always nice when a studio tries something different and new, and Parcel Corps is exactly that. It’s a game where you work as a freelance bicycle messenger who works until a crude oil CEO arrives to try and destroy everything. The game satirizes the gig economy we find ourselves in and wants you to save the world – yes, you read that right – by making your deliveries.

Dungeons & Decayed Gamblers

Balatro is a smash hit and is likely to win several awards this year. If you want more rogue-like card games, Dungeon & Degenerate Gamblers might be right up your alley. However, instead of poker, you’re playing blackjack with the goal of beating the house. Each suit also provides an additional bonus, be it healing, protection, extra money, or extra damage.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

A Souls-lite game with the unique tagline “Kill All Gods”. The game sees you fight against gods and armies of the dead as they try to end humanity. It launches in July, but you can check out the demo on Steam now.

If you’re looking for a football game with customization and both college and professional modes, then Maximum Football aims to be that game for you. The game is currently in a beta that only offers customization and exhibition play, but when it launches it will offer a dynasty and franchise mode for players. It is also completely free to play.

GI Joe: Wrath of the Cobra

If you’re a fan of beat ’em up games, GI Joe: Wrath of Cobra might be the next one you’re looking for. The game sees you play as either Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock or Snake Eyes as you fight to stop Cobra from succeeding in their destructive plans. Developer Maple Powered Games promises a game that is “easy to play, hard to master”. The game supports both local and online co-op.

Aero GPX

If you’ve been wanting a new F-Zero fix and are tired of waiting for the official game, Aero GPX can quench that zero-gravity thirst. Each race consists of 30 vehicles or machines – all vying for first place and doing whatever it takes to get there. That means using their machine to slam and spin opponents will also improve their chances of success.

Are there any games you’re playing or excited to play during Steam Next Fest in June 2024? Let us know in the comments below. For more Insider Gaming, Subscribe to our YouTube channel For exclusive shows, news, interviews, reviews and more.

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