Stellar Blade dev posted a cryptic picture teasing the news

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Stellar Blade was released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 on April 26th to very positive reception and strong reviews across the board. This post-apocalyptic, third-person slasher has won the hearts and minds of players around the world, and the protagonist has absolutely nothing to do with a scantily clad supermodel or anything else.

Over on Twitter, Stellar Blade’s developer, ShiftUp, recently posted an image teasing news that it will drop next week – but no one knows what it is.

What’s next for Stellar Blade?

There are updates in the pipeline for Stellar Blade, that much is clear. A few weeks ago ShiftUp confirmed that it was starting work on a new game, but it remains to be seen if it will be related to Stellar Blade.

In a post on Twitter, ShiftUp shared a cryptic image:

Fans all over the world started throwing out their predictions and guesses as to what it could be. The image seems to represent a boss character in the game, so this could be a nod to the ‘Boss Challenge Mode’, which we know is already in the works in ShiftUp. This is an image with some effects applied, so it could be an advertisement for Photomode, which will pay dividends for Stellar Blade’s more creative fans.

It could also be a statue or some kind of collectible figure, which many fans believe it could be. However, the argument against it is that it’s a bait and switch ploy, as creating so much hype a week before the reveal of a simple collectible is ‘not worth it’.

What do you think this upcoming announcement is?

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