Stellar Blade PC version sales ‘considered’ to exceed expectations

May 20, 2024 by No Comments

Stellar Blade’s developer, ShiftUp, was recently revealed to be considering a PC version of the game as well as a sequel. In a report published (and shared) on a South Korean website By KAMI on Twitter), detailed that ShiftUp will continue to expand and plans to release a new game every two or three years. Currently, the studio is working on a new IP called Project Witches, a cross-platform game spanning between mobile, PC and console platforms.

Stellar delivery

Stellar Blade is reported to have ‘exceeded expectations’ where sales have been. In some regions, the game has been topping the charts since its release on April 26 exclusively on PlayStation 5. Meanwhile the controversial post-apocalyptic slasher has enjoyed meteoric rise to fame in recent weeks. ShiftUp on the map.

As with other PlayStation-exclusive games, fans have been clamoring for Stellar Blade to make its way onto PC — and ShiftUp is at least considering that notion. Recently, Ghost of Tsushima hit Steam and earned big numbers despite having some dubious issues.

Shiftup has a drive to strengthen the team and hire more developers as fresh projects appear over time. It’s not just new games either – ShiftUp is looking to secure existing IP and acquire some brands. It’s just not confirmed what.

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