Stellar Blade’s latest update adds a boss challenge mode and new outfits

May 24, 2024 by No Comments

In the latest Stellar Blade patch – 1.003 – the content players have been waiting for for a good two weeks has been added, with the boss challenge mode leading the ShiftUp update. Stellar Blade was only released on April 26th, but ShiftUp is keen to pump a little more content into the game – which, surprisingly, the studio has already confirmed is looking at either a sequel or a new title.

Fashion, darling

In patch 1.003, players will be able to secure some new outfits and take advantage of some quality-of-life improvements, including tweaks to the game’s locking-on system and a persistent compass mechanic. That means you don’t have to endlessly scan using the Adam drone to track where you are.

The cherry on top is the boss challenge mode, which players have been eagerly waiting for since the game’s release. Players are now free to set up their presets and engage in desperate battles against the game’s nineteen boss characters. Challenges loop and players receive feedback after completing fights, encouraging them to improve over time.

If you can beat every boss in the game on normal difficulty or higher, you’ll unlock a special outfit. It’s the same as every other outfit in Stellar Blade – we’ll leave it to you to figure out what it means.

Stellar Blade’s 1.003 patch is now available for download exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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