Strategy RPG Songs of Victory 1.0 Launches on PC, Console Version Announced

May 20, 2024 by No Comments

I love it when a game pops up out of nowhere and surprises me. Today I received an email for a turn-based strategy game called Songs of VictoryFrom Coffee Stein Publishing and developer Lavapotion. PC gamers will know it well, as it’s been in Early Access for years, but today it finally went to 1.0, in addition to announcing that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will arrive later this year. A console version is coming to X|S, which is what it is. got my attention.

If you’ve ever played Age of Wonders or Heroes of Might and Magic, you’ll instantly recognize the inspirational songs of victory, complete with beautiful 2D pixel art. It combines turn-based combat, city building, and kingdom management with a fantasy setting. The 1.0 version now includes four campaigns, four factions, controller support, and cross-platform multiplayer.

I urge you to watch this trailer and appreciate the art style. 2024 is indeed the year of more.

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