Take-Two is shutting down it’s indie label’s private division, the report claims

May 31, 2024 by No Comments

Take-Two Interactive looks set to get out of the indie business and is closing studios to get there. According to a damning new report IGN’s Rebecca ValentineTake-Two Interactive is working on a plan to sell or close its indie label Private Division.

According to Valentine, Kerbel Space Program developer Intercept Games will shut down on June 28, though Take-Two says it’s an indie studio that “hasn’t shuttered.” However, in the private sector at large, “almost all staff” left at the end of April when Take-Two told them they “no longer support” the company.

The report adds that Take-Two has found a potential partner to buy the private sector in the form of an undisclosed private equity firm.

Valentine said the sources she spoke to “expressed frustration with Take-Two’s leadership over the label’s mismanagement and called out chief strategy officer and private division head Michael Worosz for poor leadership and mismanagement”.

On May 30, it was revealed that the private sector had terminated its contract with the Blubber team to publish Project C. As this new information comes to light, it makes more sense why the contract was terminated.

In April Take-Two announced it was laying off 5% of its global workforce and canceled several games.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Take-Two for comment on the report. A response will add to the story. For what it’s worth, the company declined to comment to IGN on the lawsuits brought up by the fourth and private division’s status.

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