Tarkov cites further evidence of Dev Arena breakout ‘plagiarism’

May 13, 2024 by No Comments

The drama continues. On Twitter, Battlestate Games’ Nikita Buyanov recently shared an image that is further evidence of the robbery case. Over the past week or so, there have been wild claims that Arena Breakout: Infinite has in many ways plagiarized Escape from Tarkov, but recent evidence suggests that bespoke assets created by Battlestate Games have been ‘lifted and shifted’ from Tarkov. In Arena Breakout: Infinite.

The claim follows Buyanov’s posts that ‘unknown information’ was discovered in the Arena breakout: the Code of Infinity that indicates an escape from Tarkov’s bosses – information that hasn’t come to light since Tarkov was developed.

A Knife Edge Debate

There’s no doubt that Arena Breakout: Infinite smacks of Escape from Tarkov in some ways. In many other ways, it’s a better title that feels more consistent and more entertaining, which many cite as why Battlestate Games swooped on the Tencent-backed extraction shooter.

Over the past few weeks, Battlestate Games has been facing the brunt of controversy surrounding The Unheard Edition, an overpriced brand new edition of Escape from Tarkov that drew outrage from the community when it was revealed.

Recently, Buyanov posted a cryptic message on Twitter that showed two renders of an AK dust cover, an almost instantly recognizable weapon piece among fans of first-person shooter genre games. These two renders, complete with polygonal maps, say ‘It’s a match!’ are shown side by side with the title

In the comments, someone asked if the asset was ‘BSG designed’, to which Buyanov wrote, ‘It’s ours, we make every single weapon in EFT and we have all the source files it needs’. If the post is accurate, it’s a direct indicator that this is evidence of plagiarism between these two games.

However, due to the recent sentiment about Escape from Tarkov, the community did not sympathize with Buyanov’s plight.

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