Tarkov Mega Update: New Faction, Karma System, Version, Map, DLCs and Story

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Recently, Battlestate Games studio head, Nikita Buyanov, sat down with one of the game’s most prolific content creators, Pestilly – to discuss Escape from Tarkov, the title’s upcoming 1.0 release, and everything beyond. What he delivers is an update like no other, completely opening up the popular extraction shooter and shaping the landscape for the road ahead.

In less than an hour, he mentioned the game’s 1.0 release, new factions, a ‘prestige’ system, secret expansions, upcoming DLC ​​and other changes and improvements scheduled to hit Tarkov in the coming years.

Patti – There’s a lot to dig into.

What is Tarkov 1.0?

Escape from Tarkov 1.0 marks the moment the game graduates from beta status and becomes a ‘fully released’ product. Battlestate Games is a highly-anticipated event that will see the entire platform transform into a monumental one – and you can see what that looks like in Nikita Buyanov’s recent interview with Pestilly below.

Too long and too short for 1.0 to keep it a secret, but that doesn’t stop Nikita from revealing things he can talk about. Let’s take a look at the top topics and key questions players are asking ahead of Tarkov 1.0:

Will Tarkov be open world?

Nikita stated that Escape from Tarkov will never be open world because it’s ‘too much’, but the maps will be connected when Tarkov 1.0 is released. This means players can ‘stay on a ride’ and switch from map to map, instead of being loaded into another ride entirely.

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Are new factions coming to Tarkov?

Nikita confirmed that a new player faction – RUAF – is coming to Escape from Tarkov soon. It is the ‘Russian Armed Forces’ and although controversial, it will be the first new faction player Never. Over the course of the game’s lifecycle, we’ve had BEAR and USEC and that’s it.

More Hideout expansions planned?

According to Nikita Buyanov, several expansions are planned for the hidden space, some of which will tie in with downloadable content, story missions, and other planned updates such as ‘Clans’ and ‘Alliances’.

Are Battlestate Games improving anti-cheat systems in Tarkov?

Nikita talked about this sore spot, which has affected almost every player in the game. It’s only getting worse and many feel Battlestate Games isn’t doing enough to combat it, but that’s not the case, says the man himself. Nikita explains:

Fraudsters are finding loopholes in the code and other abuses of the code… Every time, when we close something for the fraudsters, they find another way. We close it, they find another way… It’s an ongoing process.

He explained that Battlestate Games is preparing to trial more aggressive anti-cheat measures, but this will cause the game to tank in terms of performance, so it’s about finding the perfect balance.

More microtransactions coming to Tarkov?

Nikita confirms that more microtransactions are coming to Escape from Tarkov, but only in the form of clothing and cosmetics. He insists that new clothes are coming to buy, but the studio ‘Does not add boosters, equipment packages or currency packages.’

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Will Tarkov get a PMC ritual system?

A PMC Karma system is coming, and to begin with it’s described as ‘hidden stats’, leaving players with no idea how to control their Karma. Nikita somewhat jokingly says that sitting in the bushes at exfil sites can suppress your karma – but not sure if that’s legal or not. There are also plans for a new Tarkov boss character in the form of a bounty hunter who pursues players with evil deeds.

Is Tarkov getting the prestige system?

Escape from Tarkov will get a prestige system, players will be able to complete everything and earn special accolades when they ‘escape from Tarkov’. This ties in with a new story update that will allow players to actually and finally escape Tarkov, choosing one of several endings and boasting that they’ve completely completed the game.

Is there a story to Escape from Tarkov?

Nikita explained that Escape from Tarkov is coming with a new storyline, which will include several alternate ‘endings’. Ultimately, it ensures that the player escapes the game properly and also includes single player missions and locations.

Is Edge of Darkness returning to Tarkov?

There’s no sign that Edge of Darkness will return as a game version of Escape from Tarkov, but there’s something better on the horizon, Nikita says. It doesn’t have a name, but it has more bonuses than Edge of Darkness before it was pulled from the store.

When is the next Tarkov wipe?

Nikita explains that the wipe is scheduled for the summer and winter months of 2024, but he is close with the dates. You can learn more about the next Tarkov wipe here.

Is Battlestate Games working on a new game?

Nikita confirmed that after the release of Tarkov 1.0, the company will start working on an entirely new game – but that’s as much information as he left out.

Will Tarkov get any DLC?

Nikita says there are plans to introduce DLC, bringing clans and alliances into the game, among other things. However, he didn’t dive too deep into the topic.

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Is a Tarkov companion app coming?

Battlestate Games is still working on a companion app and plans to release an API for Escape from Tarkov that will allow third-party developers to build apps for the game.

What is the next Tarkov map?

The next ‘map’ will be the terminal, but Nikita confirms that it won’t be the traditional map as we know it. Instead, it helps facilitate cross-map activity and is more of a transportation hub than a map that players can load and ride around as they normally do.

Along with these main talking points, Nikita also highlighted the changes to come:

  • Hit boxes
  • Armor Mechanics
  • retreat
  • Inertia
  • Crafting
  • Weapons

There are many more on Tarkov’s roadmap – stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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