Tekken 8, Eddie Gordo, and another Fighter Pass

April 6, 2024 by No Comments

Tekken 8 What has been released? Eddie Gordo, and he’s out for everyone today. You can get your kicks with it for $7.99USD. You might be better off just upgrading to the Ultimate Pack to get the other three characters that come with it. It’s only $19.99, and that’s a $12 dollar difference. This is your math for the day. Eddie Gordo doesn’t have his own arcade story yet, but it’s coming soon. Check out our first impressions with Loot Loos Lounge on Games N’ Horror Channel.

Along with Eddie, comes a “Taken Fight Pass”, and like other such passes, there is a free tier and a premium tier. As you play the game, in any mode, you will receive fight exp. FightX will automatically unlock things for you. Now the things you unlock may not be the most desirable, but you don’t have to buy the Premium Pass either. Round 1 lasts as long as just enjoying the free stuff, and keep it going.

I do not understand the conversation in these passages. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, but I think it’s very strange of me to call someone a “corporate boot locker” for wanting to spend their money on death or cosmetics. If the people who didn’t buy the premium items outnumbered the people who did, I can understand 20 minute YouTube videos about calling someone out. Another reason is that I will never understand the anger behind people wanting to spend money on these things. Get over it. / sarcasm

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