The 5 biggest video game maps ever made

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Video games are meant to immerse players in different worlds, providing narratives that make them forget the everyday problems they face. Some of these maps are sometimes so large that it can take years to find everything.

Here are five of the greatest video game maps ever made.

The greatest video game maps of all time

Many video game maps have surprised gamers by how large their maps can be. The fact that we can create entire worlds for others to explore is nothing short of amazing.

Some of these maps exceed all expectations. So which maps are considered the biggest?

63,000 sq. miLes

Due to the massive popularity of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, many people have played at least one title in the Elder Scrolls franchise. But did you know that one of the earlier games was bigger than The Elder Scrolls? The map is finished 15,000 townsThis makes it one of the biggest video game maps of all time.

4. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

197 million sq. miles

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game often overlooked for its size, but the title is literally the size of the real Earth. The game is so realistic that it covers every piece of land and every ounce of ocean that makes up our world. Even crazier, it’s not even a large video game map.

3. Minecraft (2011)

1.5 billion sq. miles

Everyone has heard of Minecraft, but what they probably don’t know is that the game is literally 8 times the size of Earth. The massive sandbox-style game allows players to use their own creativity, creating maps from every corner of the game. Minecraft holds the title as not only one of the largest video game maps, but also one of the most popular video games of all time.

2. Elite Dangerous (2016)

400 billion star systems

The actual square miles of the popular space flight simulator-style game are unknown, but the game has literally 400 billion star systems for people to explore. Does it seem ridiculously large to you? Well, that’s because. Elite Dangerous has so much to explore, you’ll never explore the entire map in one lifetime.

1. No Man’s Sky (2016)

Size: Unknown

Like Elite Dangerous, the popular No Man’s Sky also has billions of star systems for players to explore. The only difference is that No Man’s Sky is believed to contain 1 quintillion star systems. It literally takes 500 billion years to explore every nook and cranny in the game. Not only is that fact irrelevant, but we developed the technology that allowed the game to be this big.

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