The 5 worst 3D Super Mario games

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For nearly 40 years, the Super Mario series has been Nintendo’s flagship franchise built around every Nintendo platform. Some Super Mario games are considered some of the greatest games of all time. There aren’t many 3D Super Mario games, which means some of the entries on this list are considered great. So, what they claim to be ‘worst’ is really ‘less good’. Here are the five worst 3D Super Mario games.

5. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the latest 3D Super Mario game at the time of writing, and it was released a month after the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017. In his latest adventure, Mario travels to many different kingdoms to collect moons to help save Princess Peach. She was forced to marry Bowser. This is one of the most fun Super Mario games from the Galaxy series, and it shows that the 3D Super Mario formula works as well as ever.

4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Most Super Mario games are standalone titles with very few exceptions, but one of those exceptions is Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is a direct sequel to the previous title. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the same, with players once again having to navigate different planets and worlds to collect a total of 242 stars, but this time with Yoshi by their side. The game feels more like DLC for the original game than a standalone title, as it’s mostly the same game with some quality-of-life improvements, but with the first game being amazing, there’s no reason not to play Super Mario Galaxy. 2 as well.

3. Super Mario 3D World

The ‘3D’ series of Mario games became a popular seventh-generation spin-off, with games similar to the 2D ‘New’ series that debuted in the previous generation. Super Mario 3D World brings the fun and lighthearted nature of the New Super Mario Bros. series to 3D, allowing friends and family to come together in four-player co-op and explore the various worlds and power-ups on offer. Super Mario 3D World is simpler than most previous 3D games, which may be due to the cooperative design of the game, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun to play. If you missed the Wii U, Super Mario 3D World has been ported to the Nintendo Switch with the exclusive Bowser’s Fury expansion.

2. Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land was the first Mario game to be released on the Nintendo 3DS and brought a new spin-off series to the iconic franchise, similar to how the New Super Mario Bros. series was launched on the Nintendo DS a generation earlier. The game has both 2D and 3D elements, with the 2D sections being more traditional and simple, while the 3D is more open. Overall, porting this game to a home platform would have been great, even if it was held back by the limitations of the handheld hardware.

1. Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine is a game that has a love/hate relationship with gamers. All eyes were on Super Mario Sunshine as it became the flagship title for the Nintendo GameCube, following Super Mario 64 as the first new Mario game in six years. Unfortunately, Super Mario Sunshine falls flat for the most part, as the core mechanic relies on using water to clean paint from the environment and defeat enemies. It’s great that Nintendo tries new and unique things to keep the series fresh, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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