The Best Gadgets in Spider-Man 2 (All Ranked)

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God The best gadgets in Spider-Man 2 Can be unlocked pretty early, especially if you own the digital deluxe edition. Even if you don’t have the deluxe version, all of the gadgets in Insomniac’s latest superhero title are easily obtainable early in your playthrough.

A key takeaway

  • Gadgets return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and are limited in number but more useful and can be used in combinations.
  • There is a total 6 different gadgets Peter Parker and Miles Morales could use them in Spider-Man 2.
  • Most of these gadgets are Action orientedand only One stealth gadget Currently available.
  • Some gadgets are unlocked at first, while you’ll have to craft others with them Technology parts and Tokens.

It is important: Spiderman 2 seems to have a total of 6 gadgets, but I’ll update the guide later if I find more gadgets during the end game.

The best gadgets in Spider-Man 2

Here is a list of all the gadgets and what they allow you to do as Spider-Man;

Player attribute
Web Grabber Pulls a group of enemies together allowing you to follow up with a special attack.
outcome Suspends enemies in the air and makes them susceptible to your attacks.
Web-Shooters Can be used to finish low health enemies or make cats vulnerable.
Internet line A stealth-focused gadget that lets you move around bases with more versatility.
Concussion broke out Creates a shockwave that pushes back a group of enemies and leaves them vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds.
ricochet network Can be used to hit multiple enemies as the single shot bounces between enemies.

1. Web Grabber

Gadget hijacks the Internet in Spider-Man 2 (photo taken by us)

God Web Grabber He is undoubtedly the The most powerful gadget that you can use it, and it becomes clear once you start pairing it with the special abilities that use Peter’s iron arms or Miles’ venom powers.

Basically, Web Grabber pulls a set of enemies together and keeps them in one place in a vulnerable position. You can use this to take out a single powerful enemy or an entire group using the special moves.

  • Ever since I purchased the Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition, the Web Grabber opened early for me.
  • You can also create Web Grabber using 115 technical parts and 3 city tokens.
  • One of the upgrades to this gadget even increases the range from which it grabs enemies.

2. Result

Spiderman 2 the best gadgets
The score gadget in Spider-Man 2 (Image taken by eXputer)

outcome He is another gadget that is leaving Enemies are vulnerable, but this time in the air. He lifts a group of enemies into the air and suspends them there for a short period of time. You can use the opportunity to extend mid-air combos with the web attack, or you can also pull the enemies down and then hit them with your special attacks.

  • The Upshot gadget is actually available from the start, and you can access it during the tutorial mission.
  • You can also upgrade the Upshot, which will allow it to suspend heavier enemies like brutes.

3. Web-Shooters

in-game item
The Web-Shooters gadget in Spider-Man 2 (screenshot taken by eXputer)

The good old Web-Shooters make a return and they Better than ever In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. From making cats vulnerable to attacks to taking out low-health enemies, the Web-Shooters are really reliable.

Spam R1 While combat will always ensure you finish off fodder enemies by pinning them to walls or other structures. You can easily use this gadget as a finisher or to make enemies susceptible to attacks.

  • The Web-Shooters are also available from the tutorial mission in Spider-Man 2.
  • This gadget is Spider-Man’s trademark and was available early on in all Insomniac Spidey titles.
  • I personally never get bored of shooting down enemies using the web-shooters in Spider-Man 2.

4. Internet line

in-game item
Using the webline in Spider-Man 2 (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Technically, the internet line doesn’t appear in the gadgets section, but it actually works like a gadget built specifically for stealth. There are no upgrade paths, and you unlock the gadget by playing the campaign.

I’m not a fan of stealth in Spiderman 2, but for people who are, this gadget will allow you to sneak easily, and you can clear entire bases without being noticed.

Spiderman 2 the best gadgets
Miss Guys On The Block Story (photo taken by us)
  • To unlock the gadget, you’ll need to play through the so-called main mission The bad guys on the block.
  • During the mission, Peter scans some of Kraven’s technology and builds the Web Line gadget.

5. Burst concussion

Spiderman 2 the best gadgets
Gadget burst out with a concussion in Spider-Man 2 (Image taken by eXputer)

God Concussion broke out A gadget can only be created once you arrive Level 11 In Spider-Man 2, the requirement to unlock him is still early, and you will reach level 11 easily after a few missions.

As for the gadget, it creates a shock wave Champ knocks a large group of enemies back and makes them susceptible to your attacks for a few seconds. The gadget is quite good in situations where you connect.

  • you will need 170 technical parts and 4 rare technological parts Design the gadget in Spider-Man 2.
  • There are many upgrades for Concussion Burst as well, which increase both its charge and effectiveness.

6. Ricochet Web

Spiderman 2 the best gadgets
The ricochet web gadget in Spider-Man 2 (screenshot taken by eXputer)

It’s probably mine Least favorite gadget And this one I rarely used because it achieved the same end result as the web-shooters, but each shot bounced between a group of targets.

Instead, I would just use my Web-Shooters to manually aim and target the enemy I wanted. However, you can customize the gadget for a special ability and get better results, but even there, the Web Grabber is a better choice.

  • First, you’ll need to arrive Level 13 In order to open the Ricochet Web gadget for creation.
  • After unlocking, you can create it using 200 technical parts and 6 hero tokens.

My thoughts on gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

I really enjoy using every gadget in Spider-Man 2 except the ricochet web, Which is either hit or miss for most players. Combining gadgets with special attacks to create some amazing combos really shows how much improvement Insomniac has made to the gameplay. Making all gadgets easy to unlock early on is also a welcome addition.

Spider-Man 2 is Insomniac’s biggest project yet, which also harnesses the full power of the PS5 to deliver the ultimate superhero adventure. With a strong cast of characters voiced by talented voice actors, Spider-Man 2 offers an experience rich in narrative and packed with fluid gameplay. There are over 65 suits for your favorite heroes, and 10 more are available as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Digital Deluxe Edition suits.

This concludes my guide on the best gadgets in Spider-Man 2. Not only have I listed all the gadgets but I’ve also ranked them from best to worst. I hope the guide was helpful in learning about the best gadget you can use. Let me know if you’re enjoying Spider-Man 2 so far in the comments below!

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