The bodycam is so realistic it’s borderline creepy

June 9, 2024 by No Comments

I’ve spent a few hours playing Bodycam, the Unreal Engine-powered first-person shooter from two brothers who’ve been dominating social and streaming platforms around the world. It was released on Steam on June 7, with many users and prospective fans confusing the project with Unrecorded, a similar game that appeared last year with a terrible reveal trailer.

Both games look similar, but while Unrecorded focuses on a single-player story, Bodycam is a multiplayer-focused shooter. After using the bodycam for a while, I can confirm that it’s so realistic, it’s scary, and something I wish all my first-person shooters would do going forward.

Self prepared

A bodycam is not for the faint of heart. It is marketed as a tough-as-nails shooter that walks a delicate line between ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. In Bodycam, players take control of a foot soldier in a military force or terrorist group, using an array of standard weapons to take down opponents and complete a series of basic objectives.

Everything from the maps to the audio mechanics of the game is brilliantly rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and the visual layer of the game is nothing short of amazing. On a high-end PC, the bodycam looks amazing, offering unmatched graphics and physics, like shooting an opponent in a frighteningly realistic setting.

This is a game, not a shot from LiveLeaks

Honest disclaimer: Do not play Bodycam if you are easily disturbed or uncomfortable with real-world violence.

Allow me to explain. In one sequence, I enter a beautiful forest on my way to defuse a bomb planted by a terrorist force. The next moment, I was engaged, and bullets were hurtling through the scene, deafening me. I whirled on the opponent and blasted him with the shotgun, and he collapsed to the ground, his legs shaking violently as the pain shot through him.

Then, I was hit, and with my camera disconnected, I too fell to the ground in the middle of the thick jungle, blood gurgling in my throat as my operator gasped for his last breaths. This is Serious.

You never know where the next shot will come from

Players have had some gripes with the bodycam, namely with the game’s matchmaking mechanics and server instabilities, but during the few hours I played, I ran into two issues:

  • In one match, I was doing really well and then suddenly got disconnected
  • In another match, the player I was watching bugged out after I was killed, wandering around the map

Aside from that, I have no issues with any aspect of the bodycam. It’s a solid shooter with a huge amount of potential, and while it looks like little more than a tech demo, it’s not left sitting in the dust as far as I’m concerned. Some users may brand this as a clone or an act of exploitation, but I believe we saw a trailer for Unrecorded several months ago and nothing else, but the bodycam is here, out in the wild, and makes an impressive impression.

Bodycam is available exclusively on PC (for now).

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