The EA College Football launch trailer is full of tradition and atmosphere.

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The EA College Football launch trailer is full of tradition and atmosphere.

We’re officially two months away from the relaunch of college football in the video game world. After months of hype, EA Sports has released the official launch trailer. Simply put: it looks and feels like a college football environment.

Let’s talk about what we know and where we are.

First, it’s what we wanted: a real college football game that picks up right where it left off with NCAA Football 2014. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the world of college football and we will finally have a game that includes the playoffs, updated schools, conferences, and all the bowl tie-ins we could ask for. .

There has been a lot of speculation about what modes will make it into the game and if offline single player modes will be properly taken care of. Thankfully, it looks like those of us who like to take the worst possible teams straight to the top of the mountain are about to get our wish. Here’s a look at the methods:

Family: It’s big, and some keywords are thrown in here. The transfer portal looks set to be a big part of the off-season activity and the 12-team playoffs are set to go.

Grouper: It’s here, and it’s the best news I’ve heard yet. You can create your own programs from scratch on Teambuilder’s website, make them as great or as bad as you want, and put them into the game.

Path to Glory: It seems that this is not a story mode and more like the real RTG mode of the past. Although it doesn’t specifically say that the dorm room is back from the 2006 version. does Say you need to manage your weekly schedule, GPA, and your image. This means making decisions that will determine what your “Coach Trust” is, which is probably similar to what we see in EA FC 24 as how much playing time you get. Great news all around.

Final Team: We knew it was coming here, so Ultimate Team fans can create their own legendary squad to play online.

Wear and tear system: This appears to be a new feature as a game progresses and is probably not too far off from what we saw in NCAA 14. If it is followed correctly, it will mean how much the players play and if it takes from week to week.

Home field advantage: What made NCAA games so popular was that playing on the road in certain environments meant more hostile crowds, especially in rivalry games. It looks like it’s back in all its glory, including the wavy passageways and missing icons.

There is a lot to be hyped about! I’m sure I’m in the majority when I say that I wish we’d gotten live gameplay today instead of a hype trailer, but we’re officially in the endgame of the build and EA will almost certainly release a trailer soon. . I was still a little worried when all we got was a trailer, but this list of confirmed features and what goes into them has pretty much put my concerns to rest.

We will try to wait patiently for the full videos before the July 19th release.

College Football 25 can be pre-ordered from EA’s site and is available on Xbox and Playstation 5.

Redwood City, California – May 17, 2024 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and EA SPORTS today revealed highly anticipated modes and features that headline EA SPORTS College Football 25and gave fans a first sight Explosive on-field gameplay and the iconic atmosphere of modern-day college football await when the game launches worldwide on July 19 for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S.

College Football 25 Introduces CampusIQ, a collection of features that brings true college football depth to life through wide-open, fast-paced gameplay across all 134 FBS schools across all areas of the game. Fan-favorite modes Dynasty and Road to Glory set a new standard for college football greatness for fans ready to build their own powerhouse program as a seasoned coach or as a player. But is ready to compete for the Heisman, while a brand new road to the College Football Playoff. and College Football Ultimate Team bring fresh online experiences and ways to play.

“EA SPORTS College Football is back! We’ve felt the passion and anticipation of college football fans every step of the way since we first announced the game, and we’re excited to finally We’ll be able to show everyone what we’re building,” said Daryl Holt, SVP and Group GM, EA Sports. “College Football 25 It’s built with authenticity, inspired by the experiences our fans have enjoyed playing our games, and completely crafted to reflect modern college football – all while giving them The game will immerse you in the sights, sounds and real-life gameplay. They love.”

Explosive college gameplay

Wide-open, fast-paced gameplay CampusIQ I provide College Football 25 Matches the explosiveness of college football game days, whether you want to keep it on the ground with Army’s flexbone offense, or take it to the skies with USC’s aerial attack. A range of player ratings that fluctuate each game, team rankings, and in-game passing mechanics unique to the college game make for a gameplay feel unique to college football.

  • Wear and tear system: As the hits add up, players tire with wear and tear systems. Manage your players’ health, limit fatigue, assess injury risk, and avoid mistakes on the field by using strategic substitutions to ensure your players perform when it counts most. They have the best performance.
  • Pre-Snap ID: Pre-snap recognition makes more decisions behind every snap. Do you trust your highly skilled seniors, or take a risk with your inexperienced freshman? Read the game, then read your players to make the right decision when the game is on the line.
  • Home field advantage: Game-changing home-field advantage puts your opponents in one of the toughest places to play in college football. Test your squad’s road game composure and confidence levels as you play through distractions like screen shake, lack of preplay icons, and moving play art.

Iconic atmospheres

Fans will be immersed in college football’s most iconic settings, stadiums and traditions, from The Big House to The Swamp, from Tuscaloosa to College Station, and everywhere in between. At all 134 FBS universities, bowl games and the College Football Playoff will bring to life the sights, sounds, fight songs, mascots, commentators and unique touches that make up college football game days.

  • Festivals and Traditions: Enjoy the storied traditions that electrify college football stadiums every Saturday. With unique team run-outs, rivalry rituals, synchronized crowd chants, loudness meters as well as real game-day audio, fight songs and of course mascots, wherever you look will feel like home.
  • Commentary and broadcasting: Hear the iconic voices of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit as they call the marquee matchups, while Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and David Pollack take the mic for all other games. See the sights and sounds around the stadium between plays with a dynamic picture-in-picture play call system.

Pursue college greatness.

Set a new standard for college football greatness whether building your dream team of college football stars and legends, recruiting a winning roster, or developing a coaching staff. Lead your program to Natty as a seasoned coach, balance student-athlete life and take home the Heisman as a player, or get competitive online in the college football experience of your choice. .

  • Family: Become a coach and take control of your own college football program. Establish your coaching staff, then work to recruit the best talent straight out of high school or directly from the transfer portal. Coaching archetypes and skill trees empower you to run your program your way as you seek a spot in the new 12-team College Football Playoff, or build your own college with customizable tools on the Team Builder website. Create a football program.
  • Path to Glory: Live the life of a student-athlete with the player you created and take home the Heisman as you create an unforgettable college football legacy. Manage your weekly schedule, GPA, and your image, earn coach trust to get more playing time, or use the transfer portal to get the time and respect you deserve.
  • College Football Playoff Path: Experience a new way to play competitively on consoles in Road to the College Football Playoff. Will you represent your university, or take a power school to contest elections? Rank up by upsetting the toughest opponents and getting the votes you need to level up the promotion and division. Play your way through the playoffs and battle for the national championship.
  • College Football Ultimate Team: Build your dream team of college football stars and legends. Play Solo Challenges or H2H Seasons to upgrade your squad and compete in the toughest matches. Test your skills across consoles in more competitive formats like College Football Ultimate Team Champs and Champs Gauntlet.

Fans can pre-order their copy*. EA Sports College Football 25 Now and those who want the ultimate football experience can pre-order. EA SPORTS MVP Bundle** On PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S, including Deluxe Editions EA Sports College Football 25 And Madden NFL 25 With 3 days of early access and unlocks tons of benefits in both titles.

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