The Elder Scrolls: Castles is apparently a project “Ana”

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The main points of the story

  • In early 2022, XboxEra insider Nick Baker revealed that one of ZeniMax’s studios was working on a real-time strategy game called “Wormwood.”
  • A week after the release of The Elder Scrolls: Castles, Nick confirmed through the same sources that this mobile game is the Wormwood project we previously discussed.
  • Despite the insider’s credible past, fans should take it with a grain of salt as it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Recently, Bethesda quietly released its mobile game, The Elder Scrolls: Castles, according to insiders Nick Bakeris a project wormwood It was rumored last year (timestamp – 2:52:23). in February 2023, Nick first revealed this project on the XboxEra podcast and described it as a real-time strategy game by one of the ZeniMax studios. It should be noted that both of these rumors come from one of his sources, so take it with a grain of salt.

Going into more details about the wormwood project, even at the time of the first leak, Nick Said he was waiting for more information and was looking forward to a few more things. Initially, he heard from his sources that it was a turn-based game, but was later re-informed that it was more of a real-time strategy game, similar to Age of Empires.

In the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast, Nick revealed that after the revelation of The Elder Scrolls: Castles, he contacted the same sources to check if it was the same Wormwood project and received a positive answer. While that doesn’t say much about the game, it’s one loose end as fans grew eager to see what Wormwood was referring to.

For those who don’t know, The Elder Scrolls: Castles is available in early access only on Android. Unfortunately, the game is not available outside of Canada and the US, but that may change after the early access period. For those who played in 2015 Atomic shelterThe game may look very similar, but it is still separate from Kingdoms, not only in terms of the IP, but also feels much more than a simple fantasy game.

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The Elder Scrolls: Castles was released on September 28, 2023, and is expected to come to iOS sometime in the future, similar to how Fallout Shelter was released on iOS first and then on Android. However, no official word has been given about its platforms.

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