The Embracer Group has split into three separate companies

April 22, 2024 by No Comments

According to a Official press release Today, Embracer Group announced plans to split into three separate games and entertainment companies.

The companies include Asmodee Group, Coffey Stein & Friends and Middle Earth Enterprises & Friends. The latter two names may be tentative as Embracer states that their “official name will be determined at a later stage”. But for now, they represent Embracer’s bigger priorities.

Asmodee continues its work on the desktop. Coffee Stein & Friends focuses on PC, console and mobile games, operating under premium and free to play. Among others, Goat Simulator developer Coffey Stein and South Park: Snow Day publisher THQ fall under Nordic Premium.

Middle-Earth Enterprises & Friends operates both Lord of the Rings IP and Tomb Raider as the home of Crystal Dynamics. It also includes creative teams such as Flying Wild Hog Studios, Tripwire, PLAION and many others.

The split follows a series of massive changes to the Embracer, which has faced fierce fan backlash over its sweeping deletions. For example, Embracer canceled the Deus Ex game and Eidos laid off staff in Montreal. That group now falls under Middle Earth Enterprises & Friends.

In February, Embracer’s financial report indicated that the company’s key principle is “maximizing shareholder value.” Embracer Group has closed, sold, and laid off employees across a variety of teams. Recently, it sold Saber Interactive and also Gearbox Entertainment.

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