The Fallout Magic: The Gathering set has been fully revealed

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If you are a fan of card games And If you love a post-apocalyptic setting, then you’ll love this. The full Fallout collection from Magic: The Gathering has been revealed, and it looks amazing. This is one of the ‘Universes Beyond’ sets and is made up of four different Commander decks featuring a unique legendary character from the franchise.

This is the ultimate purchase for Fallout fans, as the set spans the entire series, from retro titles to the most modern and recently released games. It will release worldwide on March 8, 2024 – but previews will begin on February 20, 2024.

Magic: The Gathering – Fallout

It’s the crossover to end all crossovers — at least for the Fallout fan, anyway. While I consider myself a superfan, and while I’ve never played MTG, I fully appreciate that these cards are awesome, and I buy the decks (only to never use them).

As mentioned earlier, There are four ‘Commander Decks’ Coming as part of the MTG – Fallout set:

  • Scrappy Survivors (led by Dogmeat)
  • Mutant Menace (led by The Wise Mothman)
  • Science! (Led by Dr. Madison Lee)
  • Hail, Caesar (led by Caesar)

A range of booster packs will also be available, offering exclusive options, reprints, foils and special edition cards.

The collection includes a huge range of characters, creatures, land cards, enchantments, artifacts, instant impact cards, and more.

For now, the entire collection can be pre-ordered for around $165, or you can pay around $45 for each Commander deck and $23 for each booster pack.

Are you excited about the Magic: The Gathering – Fallout set? I know I am!

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