The first Black Ops 6 gameplay images have been revealed in new teasers

May 27, 2024 by No Comments

Black Ops 6’s first gameplay images were revealed in new teasers this weekend.

It’s been an eventful Sunday this weekend as a new round of teasers for the game has arrived courtesy of NoahJ456 Black Ops 6. During his live stream, Noah played a video from Activision that played a new teaser for Black Ops 6, confirming that it’s Gulf War. As some eagle-eyed fans may have noticed, the teaser also included our first glimpse of Black Ops 6 gameplay.

As reposted by ModernWarzone, you can see a very short snippet of two characters, one of them sliding and shooting an enemy.

Admittedly, nothing else can be gleaned from the gameplay snippet, but right after NoahJ played the video, the official Call of Duty YouTube channel scheduled a new live-action trailer for Black Ops 6. The latest teaser trailer is set to go live. May 28.

The game is expected to have its reveal trailer at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, with an even deeper deepdive on the game in its own special Black Ops 6 Direct.

Over the weekend, Insider Gaming confirmed claims that this year’s Call of Duty game, Black Ops 6, will be on last-generation consoles. As for the game coming to the Nintendo Switch (Call of Duty has now been coming to Nintendo platforms for 10 years as part of an Activision / Microsoft deal), Insider Gaming understands that it will start with the Nintendo Switch 2. It is likely to be ready to launch next year.

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