The first Black Ops 6 teaser is out

May 22, 2024 by No Comments

Moments ago, a new website surfaced with what was reported to be the first teaser content for Black Ops 6 – which is indeed the next Call of Duty game. Like this ‘’, and it’s a relatively confusing little thing. On site, there is a retro television – a kind of CCTV monitor – that displays ‘found footage’ style video.

In this video, we see unidentified operatives traveling through a federal location at night – later revealed to be Mount Rushmore. They dismantled the monument quietly in the dark of night, filming from a distance as their work was revealed. They hung banners saying ‘Truth Lies’ over the faces of Mount Rushmore, while a fourth banner showed the recently revealed wolf symbol to announce the upcoming Call of Duty showcase.

A cryptic teaser

Here are some things you can do from Truth Lies:

If you turn off the TV using the power button, you’ll hear a precocious, pulsing soundtrack in the background – which doesn’t tell you much.

If you flick through the channels, you’ll see there are six. It could be a nod to ‘Black Ops’ or it could mean that five more teasers are about to be revealed.

Tapping on ‘REC’ allows you to download the currently playing video, a neat feature that guarantees to get shares on social platforms.

Checking the page source doesn’t do much good, and from what we can see, there’s nothing else of importance on the site.

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