The first production images from The Last of Us season two have been released

May 15, 2024 by No Comments

The Last of Us’ second season is in production as we speak, and fans are curious about any leaks, anticipating early footage. The second season of the award-winning live-action adaptation of the same name won’t be released until 2025, but that hasn’t stopped fans from forming preconceived notions about the shots they’ve seen so far.

Recently, HBO revealed two production stills from The Last of Us, showing how the main characters – Joel and Ellie – are shaping up for the second season.

Initial problems

In two shots Featured by Max on Twitter Today, we see Joel (Pedro Pascal) – now sporting a bit more hair – at a tavern in Jackson, if his film’s setting is anything to go by. He’s looking down at someone in the shot, but they can’t be identified in the rendered image.

In contrast, Bella Ramsay’s Ellie has more of her shot in action sequences. She’s walking through some kind of store holding a shotgun, dressed in winter clothing and carrying a lit torch, suggesting she’s wandering a long-abandoned place. She wore a serious look on her face; A burning vision that marks her moments from potential danger.

Recently, fans expressed concern over Bella Ramsay’s portrayal of Ellie in The Last of Us. In the second game (2020), Ellie is about 19 years old and ages noticeably in the apocalyptic environment. Bella Ramsay, unfortunately, is still very baby-faced and doesn’t look as ‘tough’ as ​​Ellie did in the second game.

Only time will tell how the second season will shape up, but it will be a long time before we see the final product.

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