The Game Boy turns 35, more Game Boy games to follow.

May 15, 2024 by No Comments

Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo Switch Online has added more games to the Game Boy app. Originally released in 1989, and strangely missing from the original line-up, the launch title. Super Mario Land has been added at the end. It’s Mario’s adventure in Sarasland, and it also marks the first appearance of Princess Daisy, before she becomes a pallet swap with Peaches.

Another 1989 title comes with it. Baseballwhich is just baseball, and Gully Way., which looks a lot like Arkanoid. You get access to these titles with a regular Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and I can only believe that they will only carry over to Nintendos Switch successor. With all these games available at launch with backwards compatibility, this will definitely be a day one purchase for me. All of these are available now. So set it on fire.

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