The GAME Rewards Card scheme will end on company wind down

June 3, 2024 by No Comments

GAME, the largest video game retailer in the United Kingdom, continues on a dark path of no return through news for the company. The end Its ‘Game Reward’ scheme has been running for over two decades. It also ended GAME Elite membership, launched in 2017, offering users extra benefits in exchange for a £36-a-year subscription fee.

In a press release and email circulation, GAME advised customers that it is shutting down GAME Reward and GAME Elite as of July 31, 2024.

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Recently, news emerged that GAME was preparing to make layoffs and put staff on zero-hours contracts. Earlier, the firm confirmed it was ceasing the sale and purchase of pre-owned tech and software, ending an era for the iconic high street staple.

In this latest twist, there is retail GAME has revealed plans to shut down Rewards, over the past two decades has seen customers earn points on their purchases, which they can then spend on future purchases online or in-store. With the GAME Rewards Card, users can also make pre-orders and avail exclusive in-store offers on an exclusive basis.

On July 15, customers stop it Earn points on their purchases and everyone can redeem any outstanding points until July 31. The problem is that most GAME stores (which are now concessions in Sports Direct and House of Fraser stores) cannot process a transaction using a GAME rewards card as a payment option. The best course of action is to spend any outstanding credit on the website.

The closure of GAME Elite means monthly prize draws, exclusive promotions and boosted points-based rewards will also be closed by July 31. This ends one of the only reasons to still shop at a GAME store.

Many predict that in a year or so, GAME will be limited to just an online storefront, and that’s a sore point for UK-based gamers – especially those prone to nostalgia.

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