The Lords of the Fallen team gets a final update as they look to the future

April 24, 2024 by No Comments

Lords of the Fallen was released in October 2023 to relatively positive reception and today, the last major update for the game is being released – Master of Fate. There’s a lot in this update, including tweaks that give players the ability to make the game roguelite (in a way). Now, CI Games is gearing up to focus on future installments in the series.

One hell of an update

Lords of the Fallen with Master of Fate has a stack of content to be introduced, effectively marking the completion of the post-launch roadmap for the popular Souls. Improvements have been made across the board, with difficulty balancing, new questlines added, fresh armor and weapon sets available to unlock, and improved boss counters await those playing Lords of the Fallen.

As new projectiles, spells, abilities and strikes are introduced to Lords of the Fallen, more ways to fight will be unlocked than ever before. Here’s the official spiel on the Master of Fate update:

Master of Fate puts power directly into the hands of players, allowing them to fully customize their game experience. The modifier system, while not for the faint of heart, is also enabled from the very first playthrough of Lords of the Fallen, challenging action-RPG veterans new to the game. Seven different modifiers available to players include random enemy spawns and loot drops along with Ironman mode; With these three modifiers enabled, Lords of the Fallen is effectively a roguelite.

That alone is enough to entice players to return to the game.

Master of Fate update is now available for download on all platforms.

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