The new claim suggests that the next Xbox console will launch in 2026

May 17, 2024 by No Comments

A new claim from a Call of Duty data miner suggests that the next Xbox console could launch as early as 2026. The console will also feature Call of Duty as a launch title that year.

“Hear from reliable sources that the next Xbox is planned for a late 2026 release” Wrote The Ghost of Hope. “COD2026 is likely to be released one day for that.”

Call of Duty 2026 is being developed by Infinity Ward. It should also be noted that Ghost of Hope has roots in Activision, which is where his information comes from.

Microsoft has gone on record many times saying that the next generation Xbox console is coming. In an episode of the Official Xbox Podcast in February, Xbox President Sarah Bond said that the company is out of the loop about what’s coming with Xbox hardware in the future.

“We have also invested in the next generation roadmap,” she said. “We’re really focused on delivering the biggest technological advancements you’ve ever seen in a generation of hardware, making it better for players and better for creators and the visions they build.”

In April, according to a Internal emailShe reiterated that the company is “going full speed ahead” on the next system.

As far as the timeline for the next-gen console goes, it was discovered that Microsoft and Sony both believed that the next-gen consoles would not arrive until 2028 as part of the investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. The document dates the case back to 2022.

However, in it’s most recent earnings, Microsoft said Xbox hardware sales were down 31% year over year. It could change the timeline to get its next console out the door.

Aside from the next-gen system, a new white Xbox Series X is expected to be released at some point.

It should be noted that nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft regarding the next-gen Xbox console, and it will not be resolved. So, please take the claims with a grain of salt if there is any such rumor that has not been confirmed or independently verified by Insider Gaming.

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