The new claims are what “Xbox on every screen” means

May 22, 2024 by No Comments

Over the past few months and years, Microsoft has been talking a lot about bringing the Xbox to “every screen.” While details about it are sparse and confusing, a new claim from journalist Jez Corden of Windows Central offers a little insight into what they might look like.

Talking about himself The Xbox Two PodcastCorden talked about what he heard about cocept.

“I definitely have some details of what the Xbox looks like now on every screen,” he said. “And I think what that is, every Xbox game has a consistent social UI across all games, so if you’re playing Sea of ​​Thieves, for example, on PlayStation, you’re a mini Xbox guide, or something like that. Like Bottlenet.

Corden added that it is still in development and is codenamed Roseway on Xbox.

Obviously this is just one small part of Microsoft’s larger plan for “Xbox on every screen.” The company is still working on next-gen hardware, a handheld device, and improvements to its cloud gaming offering.

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