The New Dead Island 2 expansion adds gnarly zombies

April 18, 2024 by No Comments

Dead Island 2’s latest expansion, SoLA, is now available on all platforms. It launched yesterday to positive reception, expanding on the world established by the super-popular open-world zombie game set in April 2023. In the latest expansion, players are introduced to two new zombie ‘archetypes’ that are nothing short of terrifying and somewhat disturbing. .

Well, that’s creepy

SoLA is a substantial expansion that takes players to a music festival in Los Angeles. It’s another fun romp in the Dead Island 2 universe, with even more ridiculous quirks and brilliant ways to slice through hordes of the undead, and it introduces two new zombie variants that are pretty terrifying.

First, there’s the Whipper, a terrifying-looking archetype that attacks players with bursts of intensity and disruption. That’s right – this zombie uses his guts as a melee weapon.

Clotter is one of the most inventive and innovative zombies I’ve seen. Clotter decomposes at will, dissolves into a puddle of bones and goo, is reanimated, and reappears when the player least expects it. As a rule, enormous speakers pulsing bassy beats throughout the festival cause the zombies to thrive and adapt.

SoLa is a freer expansion than Haus, allowing players to roam a bit more than they did in the game’s linear first expansion. It’s available to download now if you have the expansion pass, or to purchase on the digital store front anywhere if you don’t.

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