The new Perfect Dark game is “in rough shape”, it’s claimed

May 8, 2024 by No Comments

The new Perfect Dark game is reportedly in “rough shape.” According to Jeff Grubb on the Giant Bombcast from May 7th.

While talking about Xbox closing four game studios, including Tango Gameworks and Arcane Austin, Grubb brought up the current state of Perfect Dark.

β€œThe fallout from this (deletions), is hearing more and more β€” I’ve been hearing it for years β€” that Perfect Dark is in tough shape. It seems to be in a very tough position,” he said.

“And since then it doesn’t really seem to have come together in any way (the game was announced in 2020) and (even with) Crystal Dynamics helping to work on it..”

On top of what Grubb said, VG247’s Alex Donaldson added that the game’s development was like pushing “a boulder up a steep hill”.

“I have some crazy stories about the development of that game that I haven’t put in print out of respect for a team that was really trying hard to push a boulder up a steep hill,” he said. “But my patience is wearing thin.”

Finally both Shinobi062 and video game historian Liam Robertson The game confirmed Grubb’s initial report on the status of the game.

“I’ve heard so little about the new Perfect Dark development that it sounds like futuristic video in the making,” says Robertson. “One big, long mess.”

Insider Gaming has reached out to Xbox for comment on the status of the new Perfect Dark game. At the time of publication, and despite several attempts, no response had been received.

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