The next Battlefield game live service? – Answered

May 17, 2024 by No Comments

Following the direct service nature of Battlefield 2024 that led many fans to abandon the franchise, it looks like EA is ready to repeat its mistakes again. Here’s what we know about the next Battlefield game live service.

Upcoming Battlefield Live Streaming Service?

Unfortunately, in a recent earnings call, EA’s Andrew Wilson revealed to shareholders that multiple development teams are working on the next Battlefield game, which promises to be their biggest live service title. Unfortunately, it’s completely unrelated to everything the Battlefield community wants.

In the same call, Wilson noted that they learned loads from community feedback after the disastrous launches of Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042, both of which have come a long way and acknowledged that they are in better places today. But during launch? Definitely not. They’re horrible, soulless messes with poor gameplay.

Will the new battlefield have heroes or classes?

While nothing has been officially confirmed, Wilson’s statements regarding the live service model do not bode well for anyone hoping to return to the franchise. EA desperately wants Battlefield to compete with Call of Duty, which it has wanted for years. However, they are throwing caution to the wind instead of building something unique. They lost their way with the long-running franchise.

In any case, being a direct service, unfortunately, there’s a chance we’ll see the heroes return in some form. EA and DICE really patted themselves on the back for that system in 2042, and due to community anger and feedback they brought back a shell of the old-school class system.

We’ll see more heroes, battle passes, and cosmetics in Battlefield’s future.

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