The next Halo game is in development, reports claim

October 16, 2023 by No Comments

It’s claimed that 343 industries are actively working on the next Halo campaign, and a pivot away from Halo Infinite is happening as we speak. For months, those still clinging to 2021’s Halo Infinite have been hoping for some sort of expansion for the game’s campaign, but as time goes on, that seems less and less likely.

The next generation

These reports Comes from SG Bitcast, a gaming podcast hosted by ‘Seasoned Gaming’ and this specific information is provided by the site’s Editor-in-Chief Ains. When asked about the series, Ains stated that a team is actively working on ‘a remake that will build the next generation of Halo on Unreal.’

By early 2023, there were concerns about Halo’s future, especially amid layoffs at Microsoft that affected 343 industries. Fans have been assured that Halo isn’t going anywhere, but for now, no one knows what’s next for the series. As the player count ebbs and flows over time, Halo Infinite continues to update, and the esports side of the series is also plugging away in the background.

If there was a new Halo game in development, what would you like to see from it? It could take years to hit the market – plenty of time for you to get it done.

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