The next Tarkov wipe is confirmed for August 2024

May 31, 2024 by No Comments

Battlestate Games has just revealed that the next global wipe event in Escape from Tarkov will take place in August, making it one of the longest periods between wipes in the game’s history. The revelation was made on a TarkovTV broadcast today, during which Nikita Buyanov shared plenty of information about what’s to come, from new weapons to base expansions – and much more.

Tarkov’s next wipe is still months away

Escaping Tarkov has become increasingly difficult of late. The game was highly controversial, especially as Battlestate Games introduced a brand new edition of the game that was deemed ‘pay-to-win’ and disrespectful to existing players. In recent weeks, the team at Battlestate Games has attempted to make modifications to Escape from Tarkov, including more actively leaning towards community feedback to make it ‘better’.

In the latest episode of TarkovTV, Nikita Buyanov revealed that the next wipe patch is dropping in August 2024. He did not specify a date, but suggested it would be ‘early August’. The last wipe was in December, so it’s a long gap – one of the longest between wipes in Tarkov’s history.

Here are some other tips on Tarkov’s showcase:

  • Bipods
  • New Weapons (M60)
  • Hidden areas
  • Mannequins and more display mechanics in the hideout
  • New safe stash box
  • New clothes
  • Crossovers between Arena and Escape from Tarkov
  • ‘Arena Boxes’ – Loot boxes, essentially
  • Factory rework
  • Tripwires and landmines on containers and dead bodies (both AI and players).
  • PMC Karma

More to come – so stay tuned.

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