The Nier veterans are probably working on a new project in the series

May 15, 2024 by No Comments

As originally reported and translated via GematsuYosuke Saito and other Nier veterans are working on a new project that will be a new installment in the classic series.

The information was revealed after Saito spoke to Famitsu about working on two separate projects.

Nier series director Yoko Taro and composer Keiichi Okabe Saito will reportedly join one of the anticipated projects. Saito laughed and said “It might be Neer, it might not be Neer.”

That leaves fans to speculate, but it’s promising, especially with other familiar creatives returning.

Still, rumors of another Nier game have been circulating for a while now, so it’s unclear if Nier will actually get another game. That distinction is promising for Nier fans, as Saito teased a separate idea for “something that doesn’t exist yet” in Gematsu’s same report.

Saito added that they will have more to say “in the not-too-distant future.” The ad certainly promises a bigger and wider event.

The most recent installment in the series, Nair Punarjanma which opened in 2021, received extremely mixed reviews. However, it’s a very different experience as a mobile game, and the IP still has many fans.

Nier publisher Square Enix recently confirmed that its games will go multiplatform going forward, dividing some fans. It also reportedly loses $140 million on canceled games.

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