The Nintendo Switch 2 will have Ray Rebuild, it’s claimed

October 19, 2023 by No Comments

More and more rumors regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 continue to circulate. The latest comes in the form of Nate the Hates. podcast There he goes over various rumors and also gives new information that he has been told about the system. At the end of his presentation, Nate the Hate said that he has been given the green light to report that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature a remake of Ray.

With that addition, it indicates that the system will support DLSS 3.5 and possibly future versions.

“Ray Reconstruction is a new option for developers to improve image quality for their ray-traced titles and is offered as part of DLSS 3.5,” according to Nvidia.

It’s a “new AI model that generates high quality ray-traced images for intensive ray-traced games and apps.”

As for other features, Nate the Hate says the Switch 2 won’t have frame generation as part of its custom feature set.

“It ensures that it becomes a viable platform, it’s not, you know, obsolete in 2026,” he said.

When do you think we’ll hear about the Nintendo Switch 2 and its features like Ray Reconstruction in an official capacity from Nintendo? For more Insider Gaming, check out all the achievements in Alan Wake 2.

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