The Nintendo World Championship is coming back to your living room this summer.

May 8, 2024 by No Comments

Remember the movie ‘The Wizard’? The movie that’s basically a big ad for Nintendo where some kids travel cross-country to go to a video game tournament called Video Armageddon? Well Nintendo basically did this in real life and it was called the Nintendo World Championship. The event has become the stuff of legends especially because of the gray and gold Nintendo World Championship karts that were given away at the event and are extremely rare and sell for big bucks. Apparently the Nintendo World Championship is back and now everyone Can compete.

Nintendo has announced. Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition And 13 different NES games will feature 150 challenges to complete in multiple game modes including Spider-Man Mode, Party Mode with 8 players locally and online leaderboards and weekly challenges.

It looks like an updated version of NES Remix with online play and leaderboards and that’s perfectly fine because that game was a lot of fun. Also the fact that it’s called “NES Edition” makes me think we might get more of these in the future focusing on different Nintendo consoles. I can easily see “SNES Edition”, “Game Boy Edition”, “Nintendo 64 Edition” versions of this game coming in the future if it is successful.

Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition Launches on July 18th for Switch.

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