The police sandbox game The Precinct features new gameplay.

May 21, 2024 by No Comments

It has been almost a year. Precinct was revealed to the world, and now it feels like we’re on the verge of its release. Today, the team at Fallen Tree Games has shared a new take on the police procedural sandbox game, which I’m describing to my internet friends as “Grand Theft Automate Police Simulator.”

The Precinct aims to combine moments of police work with the freedom of an open-world sandbox in the fictional setting of Everno City. You’ll engage in all manner of policing, from routine traffic stops to bank robberies with a nostalgic isometric perspective. There’s no end to the crime you’ll encounter in Everno, thanks to procedurally generated crimes to combat.

I’m excited that Precinct is getting more eyes on him lately. I want to get my hands on it so badly. good news? Fallen Tree Games has a new trailer ready for Future Games Show 2024, so maybe we’ll get a release date very soon.

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