The release date of Gray Zone Warfare will be revealed on April 29

April 26, 2024 by No Comments

MADFINGER Games recently concluded a closed playtest for Gray Zone Warfare, an in-development tactical open-world multiplayer shooter with extraction-based elements. It was a success with positive feedback making the game skyrocket in social circles and content creation platforms like Twitch.

Moments ago, MADFINGER revealed that a trailer was sitting waiting to be played for Gray Zone Warfare confirming the Early Access release date. It will premiere on YouTube on April 29 and is already creating a crazy buzz.

Beating the competition

Escape From Tarkov is arguably Gray Zone Warfare’s biggest competitor, and over the past couple of days, that title has been in hot water with its community. Due to some strange changes and controversial updates, Battlestate Games – the creator of Escape from Tarkov – is facing a huge backlash and this looks like the first hints of Exodus.

Where better to go than gray zone warfare? This realistic shooter features a vast open world, the ability to attack alone or with a team, factions, customization and intense combat mechanics. It’s a continuous operating model that comes with never-before-seen healing mechanics, survivable elements, and no time limits.

Here’s the premiere of the Gray Zone Warfare release date trailer on YouTube:

On April 29, we’ll know when Gray Zone Warfare will be released – at least to Early Access status. I had a chance to enjoy a closed playtest and I can confirm that it is very well built for pre-alpha.

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