The report claims that Blubber’s team is working with Take-Two on an unannounced project

April 28, 2024 by No Comments

Blubber Team – the studio working on the Silent Hill 2 remake – recently published a financial report that sheds light on the ongoing projects at the company. Document translated by @pl_evil Blubber revealed on Twitter that it is working on a new IP with a private division – Take-Two Interactive.

There is another project underway around Skybound Entertainment, dubbed ‘Project R’, and it looks like it will be fully revealed next year.

What are they cooking?

In a recent financial update, Bluber’s team confirmed:

Project C, which we are working on with the private division (Take-Two Interactive), is currently progressing well and we are very happy with the current progress. This is the next big step for the Blubber team to implement a long-term strategy. It will also be the first new original project (from the IP Blubber team) as part of the new strategy.

Right now, nothing is known about this game, but from the description in the financial update, it looks like something important. The report claims that Project C will be revealed later this year after the release of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

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