The survey revealed that 41% of gamers want a Red Dead movie

April 5, 2024 by No Comments

A recent survey of 650 gamers in the United Kingdom revealed that 41% of respondents wanted a Red Dead Redemption movie. It’s a survey designed to get sentiments about live-action adaptations of games, a growing trend that’s growing in popularity. In a series of questions, gamers were asked which franchises they were most willing to adopt, which adaptations they enjoyed, and which confirmed adaptations they were most looking forward to.

49% of respondents were shown to be very excited about the Fallout TV show, which will be released on April 11, with BioShock and God of War slightly behind in second and third place, respectively.

I want a western!

In a recent survey conducted by GAME, the UK’s leading video game retailer, 650 respondents were grilled about their feelings about live-action adaptations. There are some interesting results, including the fact that 52% of gamers ranked the original Tomb Raider movies higher than anything gaming-related ever brought to the big screen.

In contrast, just 14% of respondents ‘feel positively’ about the Neill Blomkamp-head movie Gran Turismo, which hits screens in August 2023.

As far as ‘Dream Adaptations’ is concerned.. it is clear 41% are gamers Red Dead Redemption is a film or television series to choose from. Behind it are Mass Effect (38%), Horizon (33%), and The Elder Scrolls (29%).

Strangely, 2% of the respondents requested a live-action adaptation of FIFA. I have news for you guys…

The survey featured a question asking respondents to choose their favorite franchise from a selection to which they responded positively, and understandably, The Last of Us came out on top. In the sweep, The Last of Us – the Emmy-winning series – was chosen as the favorite franchise by 42% of respondents.

The 2020 film Monster Hunter starring Milla Jovovich only got 1% of the vote.

Which live-action adaptation are you most interested in?

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