The V Rising Legacy of Castlevania crossover is coming to PC on May 8

April 10, 2024 by No Comments

As part of today’s Triple-I initiative, A new trailer The anticipated V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania crossover has been revealed to be coming to PC on May 8. It is available through Steam.

Unfortunately, today’s trailer doesn’t confirm an exact date for the PlayStation release. The trailer says that Legacy of Castlevania will be coming to PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024.

The PC release, however, will actually coincide with the anticipated full release of V Rising, which the devs announced last month.

Today, Stunlock Studios and Konami showed off a lot of gameplay from the upcoming collaboration. It also teases that players will actually fight Simon Belmont, the iconic protagonist of the Castlevania series.

Belmont adds a natural touch to V Rising’s flexible, wide open world and atmosphere. The most recent DLC is the Sinister Evolution Pack, which was released in May 2023.

PlayStation fans will be disappointed to have to wait a little longer for the Castlevania crossover. But the game won’t launch on PC in May. So, it makes sense to want developments to take some time to ensure a smooth launch.

PlayStation’s wait shouldn’t be long, as the release window is still set for 2024. At the latest, V Rising is probably looking to capitalize on the Halloween season. However, the devs have not officially confirmed anything.

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