Three Dog wants to be on Fallout — and the show needs a solid DJ

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Fallout is everything fans of the legendary post-apocalyptic franchise want in a show. It’s authentic, violent, bursting with dark humor and best of all, it World structure. There’s plenty in store, and recently, a second season was all but confirmed.

For those who enjoyed Fallout 3, the name ‘Three Dog’ might be familiar. He is an enthusiastic, charismatic radio DJ who plays a minor role in the main story of the 2008 title. He is voiced by Eric Todd Dellums, who has worked on League of Legends, Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Dragon Prince.

Well, Three Dog wants to get back into the Fallout franchise through a TV show, and I say the series needs him.

Bring back the three dogs

The Fallout TV show shines in every way possible — and that’s through a curated soundtrack, too. It’s definitely a Fallout-themed soundtrack, but if there’s one thing missing from the series, it’s the iconic radio DJ.

Every modern Fallout title features a memorable radio DJ, from Fallout 3’s Three Dog to New Vegas’ Mr. New Vegas, and Fallout 4’s Travis to Fallout 76’s Appalachia Radio host Julie. That element should make its way into the television show, but there are some practical issues with Eric Todd Dellums’ portrayal of Three Dog.

Fallout is confirmed to be TV show canon, and while Three Dog is assumed to be alive during the events of the show (he’s almost 20 years old now), he’ll have to find some way to navigate. A wasteland traveling from Washington DC to California. That is not an easy task. It’s not impossible, though – and Lucy may have a canonical cameo tuning into the radio station to hear the classic tones:

However, as Dellums points out in his post, he doesn’t even have to pick up the mantle of Three Dog — he can do someone else’s voice entirely.

Fallout TV has been incredibly popular, and that’s because of the intense level of fan service that Bethesda and Amazon have woven into its production. Could this be the latest in a long line of box checks for fans watching around the world?

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