Todd Howard says Fallout won’t leave the United States

April 30, 2024 by No Comments

On a recent episode of Kinda Funny, Bethea’s Todd Howard took center stage to talk about everything from Starfield to Fallout, and a significant part of his talk was about the makeup of the Fallout franchise. In one question, it was asked if Fallout would ever leave the United States, perhaps even heading to Canada or the United Kingdom.

His answer was very accurate.


Fallout is an all-American series. Since the first game in 1997, the franchise has been rooted in post-apocalyptic America and never left the once great country. It traveled across the country, taking players from Washington DC to California, but it never left the territory. A lot of fans wondered if a Fallout game could be set outside of America – I’m not one of them, because I’m a firm believer in the series. can’t Leave the United States.

Todd Howard agrees with me.

My take is that part of the Fallout schtick is American naivety and part of it. So, for us right now, it’s okay to explore some of those other regions, but our plans are to keep it primarily in the US. I don’t have to answer… It’s not fair to leave the mystery or questions of ‘what’s happening in Europe, what’s happening here’. The worst thing you can do to mysterious lands is remove the mystery.

That’s it – Fallout doesn’t need to leave the United States. First, it’s so firmly rooted in the country that it’s almost impossible to uproot the series and take it elsewhere, and not knowing what happened to the rest of the world is part of the secret that makes Fallout lore so intriguing.

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