Top 5 songs from GTA San Andreas

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As one of the most important games ever released, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a soundtrack worthy of one of the best game titles of all time. Such a title is reserved for few games in the history of all consoles; It’s also on target and evokes emotional impressions with the suggestion that another game deserves this moniker over your favorite title.

In any case, even if you’re not a fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, you can’t deny the huge cultural influence every game has had since GTA 3. Part of this enormous appeal is the number of iconic songs that have appeared in games over the years.

Back in 2004, San Andreas was the most ambitious Rockstar had ever undertaken. It has three islands, including Las Venturas, where you can play a whole host of casino games, a huge leap from Vice City. In San Andreas, you can play at several roulette tables at several different casinos on the Venturas Strip. Rockstar expanded this idea to include the style of Roulette The games you see online today are their most successful and prestigious with their GTA V model.

Most of the casino music in San Andreas is synonymous with the game. Although James Brown is a harsh omission from today’s list, the saxophone in his iconic track is what many of us attach to those roulette games on the old, nostalgic casino floors of San Andreas.

San Andreas looks like a monster of an upgrade from Vice City, an exceptional game in its own right. A big part of this is the extensive catalog of radio stations and songs – more than double that of its predecessor, Vice City. You could easily make a top 15 or 20 GTA songs, but we’ve been tasked with the unpleasant task of whittling it down to the top five.

Travel around Los Santos in the low-rider golden days. Few songs can match Los Santos’ summer vibe like Ice Cube’s classic song. It was a staple of Radio Los Santos and those early Grove Street missions. The famous sample is one of the most iconic in rap history – and it remains a song synonymous with the era that defined West Coast, rap music and the G-funk era of the early 1990s.

As one of the biggest bands of the early 1990s and hailing from the US West Coast, Rage is almost guaranteed to be on the San Andreas soundtrack. Their song regained traction a few years after the release of San Andreas Christmas is number one in the UK.

It’s a huge part of the game that gets overlooked The re-releases were widely criticized Noticeable and attracted negative attention on social media. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Rage is a huge part of the game and this milestone has introduced legions of new fans to their music through Rockstar Classic.

Everything we said about Ice Cube applies to Nuthin but AG Thang – from Immortal Dre’s album The Chronic – is for some the best San Andreas track. It’s driving around Los Santos and most of the early missions are an example of what the highly anticipated game has in store for us when it’s first released.

We’re not sure about you – but if you’re flying over Mount Chiliad on a private jet, Free Bird seems to be the song that comes on most often. Free Bird is considered by many to be a Lynyrd Skynyrd track, and it is certainly their most recognizable. Free Bird introduced a whole new set of fans to the iconic rock band – and it’s definitely the most nostalgic for those of us who still have fond memories of playing San Andreas all those years ago.

We put Welcome to the Jungle at number one because it was the song in the first ever TV trailer. For those of you who can still cast your minds back that far, the excitement is truly touching. The trailer focuses on all the new advancements: a strip of Venturas, private jets, bicycles, helicopters, parachutes and a whole raft of other innovations.

This Guns N’ Roses classic is one that many of us still associate with the main protagonist, CJ – who we rank as the number 2 GTA protagonist of all time. There could be more iconic individual GTA songs – Welcome to the Jungle perfectly captures the game and the era in which the game is set. Easy times for most of us, I’m sure!

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