Turtle Beach is a retired Rokat brand after almost 20 years

April 20, 2024 by No Comments

In 2006, Rokat was founded in Germany, and then in 2019, Turtle Beach Corporation – one of the world’s largest gaming accessories brands – bought the label for $19 million. It has just been revealed that Turtle Beach plans to sunset the Rokat brand, ditching it after nearly twenty years on the market and rebranding the product line under the Turtle Beach title.

Retiring Rokat

Rokat has enjoyed a relatively successful streak in recent years, with the brand releasing gaming mice, keyboards and other accessories to positive reception in the peripherals market. I’ve used the Roccat Vulcan keyboard for over a year and it continues to be one of the best gaming devices I’ve ever used.

For some time now, iconic and controversial streamer Dr. Disrespect has relied on Rokat products to power his gaming streams — but it may owe that long to its Turtle Beach partnership.

Turtle Beach representatives revealed that the company wants to focus on a single brand, but that doesn’t mean the end of its long-running product lines, such as the Vulcan keyboards and the Cone mouse line. In a statement, the company said:

Our commitment to PC products is as strong as ever, and we have many new products to introduce, as well as Turtle Beach-branded versions of existing popular Rokat products.

Roccat may not be as prolific as the likes of Razer or Logitech, but it’s a significantly recognizable and high-quality brand.

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