Ubisoft has disappointed Rainbow Six fans with a new ‘R6 Membership’

May 28, 2024 by No Comments

This weekend, during the BLAST R6 Manchester Major, Ubisoft revealed the roadmap and plans for Y9S2 – Operation New Blood. During this short demonstration, the team discovered R6’s subscription, a premium, paid-for offer that rewards players with exclusive benefits and bonuses in exchange for a monthly, recurring payment. I was on-site at Manchester Major and can confirm that the jeers and cynicism that reverberated through the building was representative of the community’s reaction to the R6 membership reveal.

Way to go

For the most part, the twenty-something-minute reveal went down well. The Ubisoft team broke down the global release of new operators – Striker and Sentry – and balancing changes, quality-of-life improvements and a peer-to-peer marketplace in Rainbow Six Siege. They talked at length about improvements to player protection systems and anti-cheat mechanics, and revealed more about the operators that are going to be ‘nerfed’ a bit in Operation New Blood.

When the discussion turned to R6’s membership, the audience murmured. While the showcase spoke positively (of course) about R6’s membership, the audience was united in their opposition to the introduction.

For $10 per month (recurring), Rainbow Six Siege players can access a ‘Premium’ Battle Pass, exclusive content drops, and other exclusive cosmetic items that are only available to them, such as animated skins. With R6 membership. It is also confirmed that the R6 membership will include a monthly allocation of R6 credits, slotted neatly into the player’s in-game account to save or spend as they see fit.

It’s nothing that makes the R6 membership a pay-to-win subscription, but there’s enough meat on the bones to make non-paying fans angry at Ubisoft for locking content behind a paywall. Ultimately, this is the way of the world right now – this operating model has been replicated in Fortnite, Fallout 76, Call of Duty and Elder Scrolls Online to name a few games.

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