Vampire Survivors Coming to PlayStation Summer 2024, Contra DLC Announced

April 10, 2024 by No Comments

As part of today’s program Triple-I Initiative EventA new trailer for Vampire Survivors confirms that it will be ported to the PlayStation in the summer of 2024. The port supports both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Although the trailer gives the release window, it does not confirm the exact release date. However, it surprised fans by announcing DLC ​​in collaboration with Contra.

Titled Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns, the DLC will be released on May 9. It is also available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and mobile devices. Luckily, fans got a glimpse of some gameplay from the upcoming DLC, including a welcome nod to Brad Fang.

Vampire Survivors was an instant hit when it first launched in 2022. Its twists on the genre eventually led to many imitations, but the original game still has a large fan base.

Fans of Vampire Survivors will appreciate the new PlayStation port, especially with last-gen support. Many have already speculated that a PlayStation 5 version is coming. But longtime PlayStation fans will be glad they don’t have to upgrade their console to play Vampire Survivors.

With the PlayStation port’s release window officially set for summer, fans can probably expect a release date soon. It will only take a few months for the developments to commit to anything concrete.

The release date will probably land somewhere around the Contra DLC, continuing to build its hype.

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