VITURE launches VITURE Pro XR Glasses.

May 21, 2024 by No Comments

A while back, I reviewed the VITURE One XR glasses and they have been my go-to XR glasses ever since. They are really well made and are some great add-ons for gaming and media consumption. Today, VITURE comes out with a new set of glasses that improve refresh rate, screen size, and brightness.

gave VITURE Pro XR Glasses Looks similar to the VITURE ones with some nice interior improvements. For starters, they’re now trying a bigger display with glasses that can mimic a 135″ screen if you’re standing 3 meters away. One.

In my review, one of the things I dinged it on was the refresh rate. The VITURE Pro XR glasses will come out of the box supporting 120Hz, so we should have some nice smooth motion with the new glasses.

I haven’t used the blackout shades with the VITURE Ones because I find they work well in most of my situations, but the Pro One has moved the one up a notch as it should now provide about 10% light blocking. When the electrochromic film is The actives don’t block as much light as the previous model and it looks like you’ll be able to do so without needing blackout shades, which would be handy. I wonder if there are ways to adjust how blacked out it will be, but we’ll see if we can get hold of one for a review.

The dock is one of the best things about the VITURE ecosystem and they seem to have improved it with 3D media and games as well as improving compatibility with a wider range of displays and improving battery life. .

For the gamers out there, they’re partnering with 8BitDo, makers of some awesome gaming peripherals, to include a limited edition Bluetooth controller. It can work with various consoles and PCs as well as the VITURE Neckband, which I really enjoy using even though it has a short battery life.

The VITURE Pro XR Glasses are available now for $459, which is $70 more expensive than the original VITURE One glasses I reviewed.

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