Walmart will stop selling physical Xbox games, claim says

October 14, 2023 by No Comments

In the wake of news that Best Buy will begin phasing out sales of physical media, Walmart plans to follow suit by ending sales of physical Xbox games in the new year.

This claim Josh is from Fairhurst, CEO of Limited Run Games on Twitter. He explained how he’s heard rumors that Walmart will soon ‘drop’ physical Xbox games, but more cuts will be made in the future that will affect other platforms.

Physical being phased out

Just yesterday a Ubisoft spokesperson was explaining how there will always be a market for physical games. Today, a lawsuit dropped that suggests the largest retailer in the United States is preparing to stop stocking physical media — a blow to that market, no doubt, but is it all inevitable?

As time goes by, we gamers are becoming more digital. With cloud streaming services gaining in popularity over time and tech titans like Microsoft and Sony fielding consoles that suit the digital player, physical media is becoming almost archaic for some consumers.

Josh Fairhurst believes that by 2024, Walmart (and beyond that, other retailers) will make ‘further cuts’ to physical gaming departments.

Do you still buy physical games?

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