Warzone Mobile’s bot balancing is breaking the game

April 7, 2024 by No Comments

Warzone Mobile was released globally on March 21st and ever since it became available, players around the world have started finding issues with the game. The much-anticipated title received more than 50 million pre-registrations, but when it came time to play the game, several issues arose, including massive instabilities on Android devices.

Recently, a new update was rolled out for Warzone Mobile and it seems to have thrown the game’s ‘bot balancing’ algorithms into disarray, sending lobbies full of low-intelligence bots to ‘make things easier for newbies’.

Bad bot behavior

Before Warzone Mobile was released, Activision confirmed that bots would be used to speed up matchmaking and balance the game a bit better, but the result was a broken title that featured more bots than humans. Pi RedditUsers are voicing their concerns, with some stating that it’s impossible to play more than one or two games before getting bored with bot-based enemies and teammates being matched.

The problem seems to be more prevalent in the game’s multiplayer matches, but there are still plenty of bots to be found in the platform’s battle royale offering. In general, bot characters are easy to spot, as they often wander around aimlessly, fire indiscriminately at enemies, and do pointless things – which instantly break immersion.

Have you noticed a bot-based problem in Warzone Mobile?

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